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Kaivopuisto Negatives


Kaivopuisto Negatives

Found photos
Five colour negative strips, ca. 30 frames

In November 2017, I found some colour negatives lying on a rock in Kaivopuisto, Helsinki. They were inserted in a simple, transparent negative holder. Water and dirt had done serious damage to the emulsion.

One wonders how long (and why!) have they been there, in the open, since events like these (young people having fun, apparently) have not been shot on film for ages now. I scanned every frame (although it is often hard to tell the frames apart), and many were really quite beautiful.

I’m thinking of making proper RA-4 prints of these images and publishing them in some other format, but for now, this is what my scanner software thinks about some of them.

  • kaivopuisto_1
  • kaivopuisto_25
  • kaivopuisto_24
  • kaivopuisto_23
  • kaivopuisto_22
  • kaivopuisto_21
  • kaivopuisto_18
  • kaivopuisto_17
  • kaivopuisto_15
  • kaivopuisto_12
  • kaivopuisto_11
  • kaivopuisto_10
  • kaivopuisto_9
  • kaivopuisto_8
  • kaivopuisto_7
  • kaivopuisto_6
  • kaivopuisto_5
  • kaivopuisto_4
  • kaivopuisto_3